Let us get that power back on…

Serving homes and businesses around West Berkshire and surrounding counties, we are specialists at investigating and fixing complex wiring problems. In addition, we offer free advice to householders, landlords, and new business owners re their own obligations, helping them stay on the right side of the Regulations.

Call on us when the lights go out:

– Recent 18th Edition

– Members of the IET


Typical invoice amount following an urgent request for us to restore power and/or make safe local to West Berkshire:

  • Mon-Fri: work completed on-site between 8am-8pm £140
  • Sat-Sun: work completed on-site between 8am-8pm £210

Typical invoice amount in the case of non-urgent requests for straightforward scheduled installations and repairs:

  • Mon-Fri: planned work carried out daytimes to 5pm £90 plus parts (up to 1 hour labour)


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